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All about ISAs

ISAs are a very popular way to invest because you do not pay any tax on your investment's income or gains. In 2014 the government renamed them as NISAs (New ISAs) to publicise a significant increase in the ISA limit. Key things to know about ISAs are:

  • Tax benefits There is no tax to pay on income and gains
  • Putting money in The total ISA allowance for this tax year is {{currentIsaAllowance}}. If you have already put money in a cash ISA this year then this counts towards this limit.
  • Getting money out The money can be withdrawn at any time, although ISAs are generally used for longer term investment (more than 5 years).
  • Risk and return We only offer stocks and shares ISA investments. These will probably provide higher returns than cash ISAs in the long term, but there is a risk that you get back less than you put in. Our risk/return explorer can help work out if investing is for you.
  • Minimum investment The minimum investment is £{{minimumLumpSum}} or £{{minimumDirectDebitPerMonth}} per month.


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