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How secure is the {{ourName}} website?

Extremely. For the technically minded:

  • We use 2048 bit SSL encryption (which is why you'll see a green https with a padlock in your browser)

  • We encrypt all passwords using an one-way algorithm which means not even we know what it is

  • We double-verify all transactions and changes in your details via SMS, so even if someone steals your password they can't access your money

  • We triple-verify any password resets via email, SMS and security questions, so even if someone steals your phone they can't reset your password

  • We follow the Origo standards for security of financial services applications.

  • We follow the OWASP Security Code of Conduct for web applications

  • We regularly commission independent specialists to perform a security audit of our systems with reference to the latest security threats

But you still need to act responsibly and keep your password and other details secure. Please see our terms and conditions for details of your obligations.