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So, you’re thinking

about losing 23


That’s the amount of CO2e the average UK pension pot pays for every year! With millions more being invested every year, we want to make pensions a powerful tool to help turn around the climate crisis. To make our stand, we’ve introduced the world’s first net zero pension, decades ahead of industry pledges.

23 tonnes of CO2e

is a massive amount,

to counteract this you would have to:

87% of employees

want their bosses to

take action

on climate-destroying pensions


Email your employer and tell them you care


Download our paper to see what this means to you


Share our news and spread the opportunity for change

Make the right choice, change your company’s pension to Cushon and be Net Zero Now

Net Zero How?

See the weight drop off

We’ve dropped some of the weight by diverting investments into funds that generate less carbon and focus on climate neutral companies. We’re also steering companies that make a negative impact on the climate, to managing their carbon footprint better, sooner.

The remainder we offset through environmental projects that restore balance in the climate and remove carbon from the atmosphere. This is paid for by Cushon.

Check this out!

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What do four elephants, fifty pianos and two hundred and fifty personal trainers named Gary have in common ? Well, if you watch our awesome video you will find out.

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Cushon App

The Cushon App!

Our app allows members to view and transact like leading online banking apps, providing a seamless user experience and increasing visibility and engagement. Unique in-app voting lets members have their say on the companies their pension is invested in are run. So, member’s opinion can influence shareholder decisions that affect the world we live in.

How did you get to 23 tonnes of weight?

Average UK pension pot is £87,947) x (FTSE 100 CO2e emissions of 480m tonnes / £1.8 trillion market cap = 0.265 tonnes per £1,000 market cap) = equivalent of 23.3 tonnes of CO2 emissions per pension pot.

How did you work out those offset equivalents?

Environmental Protection Agency – Greenhouse Equivalences Calculator, with car emission calculations adjusted by Cushon to allow for relative fuel efficiency of US vs UK cars

Where did you get those stats from?

Cushon’s Climate Change pensions research – Censuswide 2021

Wow 4 x the average carbon footprint?

UK emissions per capita 9.3 tonnes in 1995 and 5.6 tonnes in 2018

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