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We’re leading the way to zero, now. Not in 2035 or 2050 but today, in 2021. And on 20 January 2021 at 9.30am we broadcast our exclusive Pensions Reimagined webinar, sharing the details on this ground-breaking initiative and the Cushon Net Zero Now pension.

Our Founder, Ben Pollard was joined by Tony Burdon, CEO of campaigning organisation Make My Money Matter to discuss the gravity of this issue, why everybody should care about this and how Cushon are making a stand.

Cushon’s Net Zero Now pension is accessible to employees via employers that use the Cushon pension scheme. Employees can view and transact just as they would with leading online banking apps, for better visibility and engagement of their financial future, while at the same time securing the future of the planet.

Tune in here to find out more about why this is important and how it works.

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Here are some timestamps so you can jump to the bits you may be most interested in.

02:35 – The big stats you need to know

05:22 – What do employees think about it?

14:13 – Introducing MMMM

24:45 – Net Zero Now

28:33 – How we got to Net Zero Now

31:00 – Look who’s supporting us

32:44 – Take a look at the tech

42:35 – Why MMMM is on board

49:58 – The outtakes…

For those interested in finding out about our partnership with Make My Money Matter and about their great work raising awareness on this topic please read here.