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Leading the way to Zero

The world's first Net Zero pension

Employers and employees want responsible investing that can make a real impact on climate change. Our Net Zero Now pension provides the answer. The more members we have, the faster and greater the positive impact on the planet. Join us today.

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Changing the way we invest

We reduce as much of the overall carbon emissions as we can by diverting investments into companies that generate less carbon, without compromising our members’ investment returns.

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Helping restore balance

Whatever we can’t eliminate through the fund we offset by contributing to environmental projects that restore balance in the climate and remove carbon from the atmosphere. This is called offsetting and is paid for by Cushon, so it doesn’t cost our pension members anything.

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Including our members

Our in-app voting feature lets members have their say on how investments will be used in the companies they help fund. App content feeds share news, photos and progress on our environmental offset projects, so members can see exactly how being a part of the Net Zero Now pension is changing the planet for good.

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Ever wondered how much damage the average pension does?

Each year, the average UK pension member unknowingly finances 23 tonnes of CO2 emissions through the businesses their pension invests in.

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Cushon pension breaks new ground

Experts said the Cushon pension breaks new ground at a time of growing demand for greener pensions

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Lose CO2, not money

We know that people want their retirement savings to help tackle climate change without sacrificing returns to be able to build an investment default fund that doesn’t compromise on returns.

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Net Zero Now already making a difference

We know some funds aren't invested where we’d like them to be as it's been hard to calculate the CO2 emissions in the initial selection criteria. 

To ensure Net Zero Now with no impact on investor returns, we've reduced the emissions financed by the funds as far as possible and are paying to offset any residual emissions out of our own money. And we’re making a real difference today.

Challenge your pension

No time to lose

We must act quickly to protect our environment and align towards the Paris Climate Agreement and a 1.5 degree world. Censuswide climate research 2020 highlighted some amazing stats:



of employees

are worried their pension is investing in businesses which contribute to the climate crisis



of employees

have no idea how much carbon emissions their pension might be helping to finance



of employees

want their employer to take action to address this issue regarding their workplace pension

Employers can help save the planet

Choosing to use a climate-friendly pension provider is a great way for employers to significantly reduce their employees’ contribution to global warming. Members of the Cushon Net Zero pension will actively contribute towards slowing climate change.

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Increased engagement

Net Zero Now in our mobile first app turns your most expensive benefit into a truly tangible asset that your employees can connect and engage with. 62.4% would engage more with their pension if they knew it was making a positive impact on climate change.

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Get involved today!

We think people care especially when they understand the impact and choices that can not only make the world a better place but also improve their financial outcomes in the future.

Your workplace pension

See how green your pension is using our CO2 emissions calculator

Support the cause

Learn more about our partner, Make My Money Matter, and sign the petition to be a NET ZERO hero

Find more answers

If you want to know more about how our Net Zero Now pension works, visit our Pension Knowledge Centre