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A pension with tech at its heart

We're tackling climate change and getting employees more engaged with their pension

This is a pension that has real power. Available via employers, those who switch to Cushon will be at the forefront of something special. Our pension offers employees the chance to engage in a future worth saving.

Savings, investments and pensions in one place

We provide the tools and support you need to help your employees save for their long-term future as well as all their other savings goals, in one powerful app.


A workplace pension can be climate-friendly and engaging

Cushon turns the most expensive workplace benefit into a truly tangible financial benefit that employees can really connect with. Turns out it doesn’t take much to future-proof pensions and secure the planet’s future at the very same time.

App first

Our app-first approach allows employees to view and transact like leading online banking apps, providing a seamless user experience and increasing visibility and engagement.

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Holistic strategy

We bring an integrated approach to workplace savings - pensions and savings working together to help employees become more financially resilient. Alongside retirement, employees can save for key life events like getting on the housing ladder. A holistic approach increases engagement with pensions.

Solutions for employees restricted by pension allowances

We can help employees affected by the Money Purchase Annual Allowance or the Tapered Annual Allowance. Our integrated approach makes it easy for employees to redirect excess pension contributions into alternative savings pots. And it's easy for payroll.

Increased engagement

We increase engagement by providing focused, relevant and timely nudges to help employees reach their savings and retirement goals.

Employees can vote on issues that matter to them

App-enabled ESG voting allows employees to have their say in how organisations they invest in conduct themselves, aligning their investments to their personal beliefs and interests.

Easy to set-up and use

With an easy set-up process, first class integration with flexible benefit platforms and ongoing support, employees can start saving and investing in a few clicks.

Secure and governed

We are regulated by the FCA and The Cushon Master Trust is authorised by The Pensions Regulator. We have a leading Independent Trustee board.

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Easy integration

Our pensions, savings and investments platform is intuitive, configurable and integrates with your existing benefits platform, giving you a hassle-free admin experience and making life simpler for you.

Guidance and support

We provide the tools and support employees need to make good decisions about their financial future. It’s a simple way to save and invest for every life event with no complexity or jargon.

Get in touch

Please feel free to get in touch - we would love to hear your feedback. But remember we cannot give advice about investing.