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User-friendly interface

We’ve made savings and investments accessible. Our app is simple to set up and use, totally personalised to your needs and makes it easy to see where your money is invested and how it’s performing.


Power up your financial wellbeing

Whatever you’re saving for – a rainy day, deposit for a home, the kids, travel, retirement – you can set up an account and invest in minutes, direct from your pay or via your bank account. Our powerful app includes everything you'll need to put you in control, so a great financial future has never been easier and more rewarding.

Invest money, not time

CushonMix are our ready-made, optimised investment portfolios, making it easy for you to choose investments that help you achieve your savings goals. 

Get the best result for you

CushonMe is a super-clever, free service that automatically reviews your investments 24/7. It lets you know when to check in with your account and how to make your money work harder. 

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Don't just take our word for it

The website and app were very simple to set up and use, and the summary and detailed analysis of the offerings and benefits are very clear. Cushon makes it easy to manage all my ISAs - I would highly recommend giving it a go.


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People saving and investing with Cushon every day

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Employers use Cushon's pension and savings benefit

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Of our savers select our CushonMix portfolios

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Fund combinations are analysed every day by CushonMe

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Currently invested with Cushon and rising daily

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