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Past performance summary

Here you can see past performance for Aegon Sustainable Diversified Growth B Acc back as far as data is available. You can also compare performance to any other investment from our comparison tables (just start typing the name in the box)

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Full performance chart

Annual performance over last 5 years

Aug 17 to Aug 18 Aug 18 to Aug 19 Aug 19 to Aug 20 Aug 20 to Aug 21 Aug 21 to Aug 22
Aegon Sustainable Diversified Growth B Acc 4.89% -2.79% 7.66% 15.19% -9.43%

Remember, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

The chart includes the effect of fund manager's charges, but does not include Cushon's charges which may reduce returns by up to 0.79% per annum.

In some cases, where fund managers have launched a new class of shares within a fund, past performance has been extrapolated using a previous share class in order to show a fuller history.