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Cushon gives you the power to grow the financial wellbeing of your employees

Workplace savings, investments and pensions.

Holistic product range

Financial wellbeing is more important than ever and now is the time to consider an alternative workplace savings proposition. Cushon offer a simple way for employees to invest and build healthy savings habits direct from pay, no matter what their financial situation. Our app is the first of its kind with tech at its heart. This is a solution that has real power.

Employees best interest at heart

A complete financial wellbeing strategy

Whether buying a first home, saving for the kids, or planning for retirement (or all of the above), we provide a comprehensive range of options to suit all savers, all easily managed in a delightful digital experience.

The benefits of working with Cushon

Over 150 blue chip companies use Cushon to help employees improve their financial wellbeing, and over 3,000 small-medium enterprises use Cushon for workplace pension.

Jargon-free zone

You won't find complexity here. We demystify pension and ISA investments so employees can make the most of their savings.

Savvy investor or complete novice

Your employees can choose from fully optimised ready-made portfolios tailored to suit them, or create their own from over 90 top investment providers.

A little nudge

We help engage employees with a whole range of communications. Timely nudges make sure your employees stay on top of their finances.

Total transparency

All our charges are totally transparent and not tucked away in the small print. Your employees can see exactly what's what, before investing.

Financial wellbeing for everyone

From graduate employees to your highest earners, our workplace savings solutions take care of your entire workforce.

Peace of mind

Our CushonMe monitoring service keeps an eye on investments and lets employees know when to check in and what to do.