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Charges explained

The total cost of investing via Cushon is typically around 1.00% per annum of the value of your investment.

That's made up of two parts: platform charges of 0.79%, plus fund manager charges. Our comparison tables help you choose good value investments, so fund manager charges are usually between 0.20% and 0.30%.

There are no other charges. That means:

  • No switching or trading charges
  • No fixed monthly account charges
  • No minimum charge
  • No entry or exit charges
  • No hidden fund management charges
  • No performance fees

Fund managers also incur their own costs of trading which are passed on to investors.

For example - CushonMix medium risk/return

Here's a full breakdown of charges for the CushonMix medium risk/return ISA (one of our most popular investments).

This breakdown is available for all our investments, just click on them from the comparison tables and scroll down to the charges section:

Annual Initial Other
Total charge 0.91% 0% None
Platform charges 0.79% 0% None
Fund managers' charges 0.12% 0% None
iShares Overseas Corporate Bond Index (UK) D Acc 0.11% 0% None
Vanguard FTSE UK Equity Income Index Acc GBP 0.14% 0% None
Royal London Short Term Money Market Y Acc 0.10% 0% None
Vanguard Japan Stock Index Institutional Acc GBP 0.16% 0% None

The fund managers' charges apply on a fund-by-fund basis. The total shown is based on the initial proportion invested in each fund.