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Lowell partners with Cushon as their workplace savings provider

Lowell partners with Cushon as their workplace savings provider alt

Lowell, one of Europe’s largest credit management companies, has chosen Cushon as their workplace savings provider to support their employees’ financial wellbeing. 

This partnership provides Lowell employees with the opportunity to save and invest in an Individual Savings Account (ISA), with money automatically deducted from their salary monthly.   

Employees will have full flexibility to change their level of contribution at any time through Cushon’s app, where they can also set targets and keep track of their money as it grows. Cushon offers over 1,000 funds from 90 top fund managers to allow savers to choose an investment portfolio. Employees can also select CushonMix, a ready-made portfolio that uses Cushon’s unique algorithm to spread investments across a range of funds with the best projected outcome. 

Cushon also offers ethical funds that align with our environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework, allowing employees to choose an investment strategy that matches their values as well as financial goals.

Ben Pollard, CEO and Founder of Cushon said: “As one of the UK’s leading workplace saving providers, our use of technology to make ISAs simpler and more convenient has become popular to help employees become more comfortable with saving and investing as well as more financially resilient. Lowell is a company that recognises how important this is for their employees and it’s great to welcome them onboard!”  

Helen Thornton, UK People Director, Lowell said: “As a business who is focused on helping its customers get out of debt and return to financial health, it’s important for us to support our employees' financial wellbeing too. A step towards this is helping them become more financially aware, take control of their finances and save for the future, if they can. As a responsible employer, we want to supply the tools needed for our employees to build their financial knowledge and resilience. Cushon’s workplace saving platform does just that and we’re proud to offer it to Lowell employees.”